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Escape The Life Routine

Often we get so tangled in our daily routines and busy schedules that we forget there’s more to see and feel in life besides everyday chores. Plan a trip abroad and get inspired to look forward to new experience, new emotions.

Why Plan a Trip in Spring?
Spring is not just one of the seasons, it is a new life. The magic time, when nature comes to life, the gentle sun shines bright, birds joyfully sing on the branches, everything around is greens up, blooms, fragrant.

San Diego, CA,

Sunny San Diego attracts its visitors with taquerias and beaches. In San Diego, you can feel the traditional California relaxing atmosphere, where Boardwalk, surf spots, and great Mexican restaurants fit perfectly.

Phoenix, AZ

Great weather all year round and impeccably designed golf courses make Phoenix one of the most attractive golf centers in the world. Greater Phoenix offers you many spectacular cultural events. Visit the world-famous Heard Museum and take a look at the history of Native American culture and art, get acquainted with the richest collection of world art masterpieces at the Phoenix Museum of Art, enjoy ballet in the outstanding building of the Orpheum Theater and a concert in the modern Comerica Theater.

New York City, NY

It is impossible to learn all about New York by visiting it only once. To begin with, visit the places that you must see - the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and then get off the beaten track: visit the Cloisters Museum of Medieval Art or one of the city libraries.

Chengdu, China

Huanglong, or the Yellow Dragon National Park, located in a high valley, offers you invigorating adventures. Ambitious people can walk to Lhasa, walk through the rapids on a raft or take a many-day trip along the river. You can also go on a five-mile walk to the five-tiered temple ponds, sparkling with amazing colors.

São Paulo, Brazil

The cuisine and art of São Paulo, the largest city in South America, is as multinational as its diverse population of 10 million people. Thanks to the restaurants of the Jardins district, where visitors are served any dishes from around the world, you won't lose if you go to Sao Paulo solely for the purpose of a delicious meal. Also, don't miss a good opportunity to visit high-class museums, go on a variety of bright excursions in the vicinity and enjoy shopping.


Kathmandu the capital of Nepal is in the middle of a valley full of historical sights, ancient temples, shrines, and amazing villages. Wander around with locals and animals among the monuments of Durbar Square or join climbers in the vibrant Thamel area. Go shopping and get unique craftsmanship from local craftsmen.

Tips for a
First Flight

01. Pack Snacks

Almonds, apple slices, dried fruit, carrot sticks, and chocolate bars are great for taking with you for a flight.

02. Bring a Sleeping Kit

If you land at your destination well-rested, it will give a great start to your trip. Whether you’re sitting in a middle seat, leaning against the cold window, or near the aisle, bringing a few small items with you will make your flight way more comfortable. Take a comfy travel pillow with you or better use a backpacking pillow for flying. You can also take an eye mask and earplugs, both are easy to carry, and may come in handy, especially if you end up sitting next to a noisy person. If you forget earplugs, headphones work great to drown out surrounding noise as well.

03. Charge Up your Devices before your Flight

Make sure to have charged all your technique before heading to the airport. This may include your phone, laptop, camera. You never know when you'll need an open outlet as you might have no time to charge up. Consider carrying a small backup battery for your phone or other devices with you.

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